Transportation Capabilities
Truck Fleet

Our mobile transfer units are setup specifically for marine deliveries. Our fuel and lubricant trucks are outfitted with high pressure transfer pumps capable of delivering up to 150 gallons per minute of fuel and 55 gallons per minute of lube oils at 80-PSI. Hoses are tested and certified for over the water pumping. Our average truck capacity is over 6,500 gallons, and many of our newer fleet vehicles feature a custom built boot added to the tractor to hold additional barrels and a crane to lift them out during product delivery.

Barge Fleet

Our fuel and lubricant barges are designed specifically for marine fuel and lubricant deliveries. Our barges are fitted with cargo pumps capable of delivering up to 1,800 gallons per minute of diesel and up to 135 gallons per of lube oils at 80-PSI. All our barges are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping for Ocean Voyages. Our largest barges have diesel capacity over 630,000 US gallons and lube oil capacities up to 80,000 US gallons in multiple tanks. All our barges are fitted with 65 foot hydraulic cargo handling cranes for ease in handling drums and package products.